We recently had our very first experience as vendors at the SHOP THE SLC event at TMU. It was super frantic, amazingly fun and an incredible day overall. Although we were unfamiliar with the process and had a slow start, we picked up steam and fell into a groove as the day went on. We met lots of cool, awesome new people as well as some friends who came to support and just overall had a really successful and productive day. 

We will definitely be looking to do more vending at other similar events and hopefully expanding outside of Toronto in the future. Whether you just stopped by to look, give a compliment, ask a question, or buy some stickers, THANK YOU!!! <3


One fateful night, Nazu, Mandu, Angie, and Steph made a joke about selling stickers.

One thing led to another and before they knew it, they had their own logo, name, and shop!

Welcome to Mad Peels!

The idea to start a small business together in the future was up in the air and very much a hypothetical proposal/joke of some sorts. The official decision to go through with opening a small sticker shop was quite spontaneous, shortly after having a reunion a few months ago. We’ve always been a creative bunch and shared interests in the arts, so we came to a consensus of creating stickers for enjoyment. Since making that decision together, we’ve been navigating the challenges of logistics, marketing, graphic design, all that you can think of with starting a new business. Nevertheless, this is our passion project and one that we’ll pour lots of love into!



courtesy of mandu, angie, nazu, and steph <3